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NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support


NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support covers the knowledge and skills required to work in a care role in a range of settings, where services support individuals with different needs. The qualification contains some units which are competence-based and some that are knowledge-based.

The qualification is aimed at leaders & managers in a range of adult/child care settings such as:

  • Residential services for adult/children
  • Domiciliary care services
  • Day services
  • Respite services
  • Community based services

If you work in any of the following job roles, this course would be perfect for you:

  • Adult nursing support
    Maternity support
    Theatre support
    Mental health support
    Children and young people’s support
    Allied health profession therapy support

The Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support is designed to provide learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to work in a range of healthcare support settings. The qualification is formed of mandatory and optional units. The mandatory units cover core competencies while the optional units allow learners to choose from a variety of specialist areas to tailor the qualification to their needs, interests and to reflect the context of their work.  

Diploma Course Structure

NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support allows candidates to learn, develop & practice the skills & knowledge required for employment and/or career progression in Adult care in England. 

Learners must achieve 63 credits from the 19 mandatory units and a minimum of 20 credits from the 151 optional units. 

Mandatory Units 

  • DHCS 1 Effective communication in care settings (L/650/5179) 
  • DHCS 2 Promote effective handling of information in care settings (T/650/5180)
  • DHCS 3 Promote personal development in care settings (Y/650/5181) 
  • DHCS 4 Person-centred practice, choice and independence (A/650/5182)
  • DHCS 5 Promote equality and inclusion in care settings (L/650/5359) 
  • DHCS 6 Promote health, safety and wellbeing in care settings
  • (D/650/5183) DHCS 7 Responsibilities of a senior healthcare support worker (F/650/5184)
  • DHCS 8 Duty of care in care settings (H/650/5185) 
  • DHCS 9 Safeguarding and protection in care settings (J/650/5186) 
  • DHCS 10 Maintain infection prevention and control in a care setting (K/650/5187)
  • DHCS 11 Cleaning, decontamination and waste management (L/650/5188)
  • DHCS 12 Understand mental ill health (M/650/5189) 
  • DHCS 13 Communicate with individuals about promoting their health and wellbeing (Y/650/5190) 
  • DHCS 14 Study skills for senior healthcare support workers (A/650/5191) 
  • DHCS 15 Maintaining quality standards in the health sector (D/650/5192) 
  • DHCS 16 Service improvement within the health sector (F/650/5193) 
  • DHCS 17 Provide support to manage pain and discomfort (H/650/5194) 
  • DHCS 18 Contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions (J/650/5195) 
  • DHCS 19 Undertake physiological measurements (K/650/5196) 

Optional Units 

There is a range of optional units to choose from for this qualification. Your assessor will help you choose the best units to suit your requirements.


The cost of the course is £895+VAT. An observation fee is also payable subject to your location. Should you wish to pay in full by card please use code PIF10 for 10% off or call +44 (0)1472 240112. Interest-free payment plans are available to suit all budgets with no credit checks.


This is a competency-based qualification and evidence is gathered by the learner as they undertake their normal work role. This will form the basis for their portfolio. The evidence must reflect policies and procedures of the workplace as stated by current government legislation.

During the course of the qualification, the candidate should ideally work with at least two service users.

A range of assessment methods will be used by the assessor including examining work products and expert witness testimonies and direct observation. An assessor will visit you in the workplace at some point and undertake observations of you at work. This will be planned in advance in order to cause minimum disruption to your work routine and to try and capture as much information as possible in one visit.

Knowledge-based units will be assessed using a range of methods including reflective accounts, projects, assignments, assessor questions and professional discussions.

Learners will have full access to assessor support via Telephone, WhatsApp, Online chat, email and web links.


You will have full uncapped support for 12 months with allowances for those at 70% plus completed. Subject to tutor approval.  



Entry requirements

You must be working within a adult/child care setting. The qualification is only available to candidates 16 years and older.

What is RQF?

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (RQF Regulated Qualification Framework) is the way of recognising achievement through the awarding of credits for qualifications and individual units and applies to England, .

It aims to provide a more flexible route to gaining qualifications and enables progression to be achieved in smaller steps through the accumulation of credit.

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