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Singapore Safety In Tethers


A recent construction site incident, that caused the death of two workers in Singapore has caused a real stir in the Health & Safety industry. This is the first reported case in Singapore where someone has been jailed for safety offences.

The foreman was sentenced to 25 weeks in jail, after his instructions had caused two workers to fall 7 storeys to their death. Nurun Rahman had asked his team to load an air compressor onto a loading platform, which was suspended at the edge of the seventh floor. This platform was not properly secured, but suspended by a tower crane - a direct breach of safety regulations.

It was reported that several workers had warned the foreman of the dangers, but their views were quickly dismissed.

Considering the devestation that this Health & Safety breach left behind, a 25 week jail sentence doesn't help to bring back the lives of those workers, and the families affected.

Don't let this be you - ensure that you and your colleagues are fully Health & Safety certified. SVT provide a range of Health & Safety courses, from the Level 3 Certificate to help improve general awareness of Health & Safety in the workplace, to the Level 5 Diploma, aimed at higher level Supervisors and Managers.

All of our Occupational Health & Safety courses are City & Guilds approved, and therefore recognised internationally. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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