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Why do you want to study an occupational health, safety and environmental qualification?


Hello fellow students, my name is Mike Watson and I would like to ask you a question: why do you want to undertake the study of an occupational health, safety and environmental qualification?

I did my first qualifications in 1995, the NEBOSH National General certification followed by the City & Guilds NVQ Level 4 in Occupational Health & Safety Practice now re-named as the level 5. I have undertaken much study since these two, however when I ask students why they are studying health and safety I get the same answers as the reasons I did them.

  • Our students undertake our courses for reasons of:
  • Career enhancement and employment security
  • Potential to earn higher salaries
  • Global job opportunities
  • Self-employment and consultancy opportunities
  • They want a profession with the potential for growth
  • They have gaps in their knowledge or expertise which they want to fill

Other answers have been that they “want the letters after their name on a business card”, “the boss told me I had to get qualified after years of doing the job” and “I love to study”. All valid reasons of course depending on your point of view.

You have probably undertaken your research or asked a friend or colleague about which NEBOSH course is best and which is the best provider, if not I suggest that you do that before reading on as I am confident that you will come back to us.

We want you to make the right choice, after all this is an investment in time and money for you and our reputation is at stake. We are proud of our 10 year history of providing the right advice to students and providing the best learning materials and environments that give the very opportunities for success. We also know that the costs of learning and gaining success are in most cases one of the three reasons why so many students choose us.

I have provided some detail of each NEBOSH course we provide but would encourage you to contact either Mark or Margaret at our office who will advise you on what’s right for you.  Good luck with whatever you choose to do.