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The Role of a Lead Administrator


The role of Lead Administrator – SVT Ltd – Jennifer Davison

My role as the lead administrator is to offer administrative support to all areas with in SVT Ltd but my main role is the administration of the NEBOSH course.  I ensure that candidates are enrolled on to the eLearning portal and that they receive all of the important information to help them to get started with their course, as well as their log on details.  I then log all of the candidates contact information and other required information that will assist me in providing the best support to all of the NEBOSH learners.  As the course is studied via a Distance Learning Model, it is important that candidates have full access to their course materials and that they are kept up to date with any important information that could affect their studies.  I regularly post messages for the Learners via the eLearning portal as well as posting weekly questions to help students prepare for their examinations.

The NEBOSH course is completed by each candidate completing 3 exams, 2 written papers and 1 practical element where they are required to undertake an inspection  of their workplace or other appropriate work area and then to produce a report on their findings.  As the Lead Administrator, I am responsible for arranging and booking appropriate venues for our candidates to sit their exams and for our overseas candidates, liaising with British Councils in order for them to facilitate the written papers on our behalf.  I ensure that each venue is registered with the awarding body and that each candidate is registered to sit the exam at the correct venue. 

I liaise directly with all candidates who are due to sit their exams on the upcoming standard date set by NEBOSH and ensure that they are fully prepared and that all relevant fees have been paid in order the candidate to sit their exams.  I ensure that all mandatory payments to the British Councils are processed appropriately.  I send all relevant information and guidance to the candidates so that they can tackle the Practical element effectively, by ensuring that they have an appropriate work place to carry out their risk assessment and that they have the correct templates and guidance information from NEBOSH and that the information provided is the most up to date edition. 

I ensure that all the examination papers are stored securely in accordance with the Awarding Bodies policies.  I ensure that the examinations taking place in the UK are carried out to the standards required by the awarding body and that no malpractice takes place, that all invigilators are trained accordingly and that they fully understand their roles.  It is important to ensure that examinations are carried out in full accordance with NEBOSHs’ policies and procedures, as any case of malpractice would unduly affect our candidates and it is with this in mind that I strive to maintain our high standards.

I offer full administrative support to all areas of SVT, ILM, Health and Safety and Health and Social Care.  I make sure that candidates can access their course materials and if they are experiencing any technical issues I will try to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and if I am unable to do so, I will pass it to the most appropriate person to assist the candidate.  I ensure that the assessors within SVT have access to their candidate’s files and that all relevant information is correlated correctly.

I also register all candidates with the relevant awarding bodies for their chosen courses and claim the certificates for candidates once they have completed their course and liaise with each candidate so that their certificate is posted to the correct address and received by the candidate in a timely manner. 

I also provided all other administrative duties required of me, making sure that stationery is kept stocked, taking minutes when required, as well as assisting in arranging events such as the SVT Yearly Graduation ceremony.