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Thinking of undertaking the NVQ Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership?


Who is the NVQ Level 7 for?

The NVQ is for practising Managers, you should be in the role as you will be required to provide evidence in the form of supporting documents.

The NVQ 7 requires academic study, research and application to a Level equivalent to Post Graduate or Masters. In addition to this you need to show your competency as a Level 7 Manager and typical roles are senior posts such as: Senior Managers, Directors, Business Owners and CEOs

This list can however include Operations/Departmental Managers and others. It is worth discussing your title and role with one of our Course Advisors as many of our Level 7 graduates started on the Level 5 and progressed onto the 7. This is often those who are bordering on the 7 or have the support from their Employer to progress with higher responsibilities.

What is expected of you?

This qualification asks you to commit to the studies and undertake the necessary reading a research required to meet the knowledge requirements, this is normally submitted as academic written work.

You will also need to submit documents that indicate your competence, and these must be authentic and current.

Typical supporting evidence will include: Business Plans / action and delivery or operational plans

Minutes of Meetings, Risk Management plans / Risk Registers / Business Continuity Plans, Examples of policies developed, KPI’s and evaluation reports. This is not an exhausted list of course as you as a manger will develop many documents that may be used within this level seven qualification.


Full details of the Level 7 can be sent to you on request including the unit choices. In short, there are 3 Mandatory units you must complete first followed by around 6 optional units (Credit value of units vary). By optional we mean you can choose from a list of subject areas. Overall all units need to add to a total minimum of 45 credits. 35 of these will be Level 7 units meaning 10 credits may come from completing Level 5 units.

Delivery Model:

Our team have been reviewing and developing new study materials with ILM and CMI. We have developed ‘tasks’ that are intended to guide you to complete criteria across the qualification.  These tasks have created an assignment that follows strategic planning and thinking through to implementation, delivery, measurement and evaluation.

Once you have completed this assignment you will discuss the rest of your unit choices with your Assessor and work on these together to complete in the most efficient way. At this point many students like to make the most of Professional Discussions – these are a form of assessment that can speed up completion of your Diploma significantly and are particularly useful in subject areas where you are confident within the subject.



Why SVT?

Our Assessors are also your support tutors who will guide you through your Diploma and this is done by tailoring the support to you, the individual.

SVTs Assessors are experienced at a Senior Management level and understand the pressures of work and life while you are working towards your qualification. We also know how quickly time can pass and will make plans with you to keep realistic targets and completion dates.

SVT has developed a reputation of a VIP experience. As a private provider we focus on a niche market and concentrate our efforts on the individual. Please visit our testimonials page and read some of the comments our graduates have left us on their experience with SVT.

Still not sure? Please feel free to call us and chat through your role with our experienced Course Advisors. Our assessment team look forward to welcoming you onto our Level 7 model and working with you on your future.


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