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Account Manager - Shaun 3 months at SVT


I moved my little family from Leeds to Lincolnshire to work for SVT. I worked as a door supervisor for a while then had enough of the job because it was early hour shifts which I couldn’t put up with, so I left. Few months after I got offered a job from SVT and got put on a 3 months probation to see how I got on. It was hard at first because everything was all new to me, but everyone has to start of somewhere.

I settled in really quickly as everyone was friendly and had good support if I ever needed any help. After my 3 months probation I officially became a member of the SVT team.

Ever since I started working for SVT, I have been motivated ever since and also makes me want to progress more in the future.  

What I like about my job is that I learn new things most days and most important that I also get to spend time with daughter, because if I stayed at my old job, I would have never got to spend time with my daughter as it was early hour shifts and I use to sleep through the day to go work early hours in morning.

It was really different moving from a big city like Leeds to a small town , it was a big change that I never would have thought I would do. Leaving everything behind like friends and family was the hardest part as I was around them all the time, but Tim my MD showed me around loads of local places like Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes and more, turned out it wasn’t so bad at all.

What makes me want to come into work every day is that I know if I work hard I can progress in my job, also if you work hard SVT will reward you.


Course Account Manager - Shaun Hoang