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Morgan Elom


Morgan Elom

Even at 19, I have worked with many different companies in many different locations and during my time at these companies, I never felt satisfied with what I was doing, I felt as if my time was being wasted and I needed something more fulfilling and challenging.

I searched and searched for something that I felt I could be more dedicated to and genuinely wanted to do. That’s when I found SVT. Something that didn’t mean much to me at first, but once I had my first interview I was enlightened to all the vast opportunities and doors this job could open for me and that is when I knew this was what I wanted, what I needed.

Until I got here, I felt that I was putting all my time and effort into something and not seeing any results, not getting out what I was putting in and it was chipping away at me. Until I got here I’ve never felt more dedicated and motivated to do well at something, although it is a slow process and takes time, with enough patients and corrected mistakes my passion for success will break through and in the future I will look back and wondered what I was so frightened about. Now that I’m here, I now know where I want to be.

At only 4 months in, I still have the same fire burning inside me, one that pushes me to do well and reminds me what I’m doing it for and It shall remain there in another 4 months and for a long time to come. Nothing is clear to anyone at first, but when you find reason and justification as to why you’re putting your time into something it makes getting up in the morning worth wile and reminds you that each day is a new day so moving forward and not looking back is key.

Working at SVT has given me tunnel vision to whom I want to be in the future and for that, I thank my MD Tim Watson and Manager Phil Jewitt for the oppotunity. They have been merciful and understanding to say the least, it has been a great experience so far and I can honestly say, for the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to the future and what it holds


Morgan Elom – Sales Advisor