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Lauren Braid from Industry to the office


Lauren Braid from Industry to the office

My name is Lauren Braid, I am an administrator for SVT ltd.

I spent the last decade working in warehouses as a forklift driver, loading and unloading trailers and locating pallets in the warehouse. I had a few different truck type licences and could drive anything really. I was even an assessor for refresher tests.

Unfortunately, it began to affect my health quite badly and eventually I had to admit defeat and seek a career change. That’s how I came to be at SVT.

Initially, I was employed as an administrative apprentice, at the age of 33 it was quite a step away from what I was used to, but I was aiming to learn the job from the bottom up as it was all new to me. Not too long after I started I was offered a permanent position as an administrator and I’ve never looked back since!

I feel right at home within the SVT team and they helped me through my transition from a forklift driving warehouse operative to a suit wearing Excel using office worker.

I learn something new most days at work which keeps me challenged mentally and I have made a group of friends here that I will cherish for a long time.

The thing I enjoy most about my job, apart from the office banter, is seeing how happy the learners are when all their hard work pays off and they gain their qualifications. I get to be a part of that process and it is very rewarding

I think that if I can be here doing what I am doing, coming from my employment background, and be happy and succeeding, then anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

SVT has changed my life, there’s no other way to say it.