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International Care Students


For the last 12 months at SVT we have seen a surge of international students wanting to start the training within Health & Social care. The main reason for this is the massive need in the UK for recruitment in the care sector and as a result the UK Government have relaxed the entrance rules for this sector to the international community. If you have the correct qualifications and a place to work on arrival you can apply for a working visa using the correct application channels. 

As a trusted training provider we offer some keys points to assist you.

  • You must have working care experience 
  • You must have a UK OFQUAL regulated qualification 
  • You will must have a work placement before you travel to the UK 

If you have the above you can apply through the correct channels to gain a UK working Visa. Below are some links to help you.

With the right qualifications, right working experience, right job offer and correct visa application you will not need to pay any agency additional monies to work in the UK. 

Please research your options and take professional free advice. 

SVT are here to help call +44(0)1472 240112