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First words


First words

My objective is to inform and help those who are interested in starting a business to be successful.

This blog is aimed at those who have an ambition to start a business or in some cases improve their current business.

I suspect that my first step should be to tell you a little about me and my business background. This might help you decide to keep reading or not.

My opening statement may suggest that been successful is the end, it is not. You will need to consider what success means to you, how will you measure success and what will your success mean to others. Make a mental note of what been successful in business means. I would suggest that later in your business life your point of view may well change but only time will tell.

So me, I am 57 years of age, married and run a successful business. Over night success has taken me 25 years and I measure success on being happy and doing my best to ensure those around me are happy.

Well that's enough about me so lets start in the next blog telling you about the business. The what, where, how, when and why.