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A Family Affair


A Family Affair

I Started with SVT on the 9th of March 2015. I remember it well because I was 15 minutes late because there was a diversion through Grimsby with lots of road works. I was nearly here when a bin lorry blocked my way in. I thought is someone trying to tell me something. Anyway, I finally arrived and Mandy Pickard told me to relax &, stop looking so nervous. I started the same day as Joanne Eastham. I work alongside Cheryl as finance assistant or trying to. As Cheryl would say I’m very trying at times but hopefully getting better and after 2.5 years I would hope I am. My job role is to add candidates to SVT account system, send invoices, add invoices and just recently keeping candidate files up to date. In my previous job I used work as a beauty therapist /make up/hair dresser. This work is a lot different to say the least I don’t go home covered in wax, hair & colour. That job obviously meant lot of customer service. This job isn’t directly talking to candidates it’s not very often I speak them. They say you should never work with family well I work alongside three of them. Brother, step mum and my dad. Most of the time it is fine, some days I could do with a glass of wine or two when I get home and Fridays as a peaceful sanity day.

To sum up SVT is a nice family friendly relaxed but hard-working company.