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ILM NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership - Mandatory Units

The below document looks in detail at the mandatory units in this Level 5 Management course and focuses on the key learning outcomes that learners will achieve and be able to demonstrate after passing the course.

The ILM NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership course has 4 mandatory units and a range of optional units. Learners and employers will both benefit from the mandatory units in this course in the following ways…

Contribute to the Development of a Strategic Plan

  • Help business leaders determine where to spend time, human capital and money
  • Principles of strategic planning and effective models allowing you to make viable contributions to developing a strategic plan

Design Business Processes

  • Produce logically related business activities that combine to deliver something of value to customers
  • Design effective business processes, how to develop these processes and generate further ideas

Manage Strategic Change

  • Manage change in a structured, thoughtful way in order to meet organisational goals
  • Analyse effective models for managing a change process necessary for an organisation to thrive and meet or exceed the competition of industry competitors

Provide Leadership & Management

  • Learn how to influence people to perform assigned tasks willingly, efficiently and effectively to increase job satisfaction and productivity
  • Understand the principles behind effective leadership and management and be able to inspire stakeholders and colleagues 

Please download the document below to look in full detail at what comprises the mandatory units for the ILM NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership course.

Mandatory Units Guide

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