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ILM NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Management - Mandatory Units

The below document looks in detail at the mandatory units in this Level 3 Management course and focuses on the key learning outcomes that learners will achieve and be able to demonstrate after passing the course.

The ILM NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Management course has 5 mandatory units and a range of optional units. Learners and employers will both benefit from the mandatory units in this course in the following ways…

Manage Personal & Professional Development

  • Identify personal and professional development requirements, fulfil a development plan and ensure it’s relevance
  • Initiate development plans in partnership with employers with realistic, achievable objectives to offer foresight, challenge and variety to jobs and careers 

Manage Team Performance

  • Adjust the composition, context or direction of a team or workgroup in order to increase efficiency and achieve desired business goals
  • Develop a strong understanding of team performance and will be able to effectively manage communications and ensure quality work 

Principles of Leadership and Management

  • Learn about the core principles behind leadership and management
  • Discover how to make effective decisions after gathering and considering a range of factors

Principles of People Management

  • Learn about the most important elements regarding managing people in your workforce
  • Understand equality of opportunity, the dynamics to team building and performance management techniques

Principles of Business

  • Develop a well-rounded understanding of business markets, sales and marketing, budgeting and financial management and innovation and growth
  • Gain a full understanding of business principles and an insight into fundamental rules 

Please download the document below to look in full detail at what comprises the mandatory units for the ILM NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Management course.

Mandatory Units Guide

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