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Comments from our successful candidates

Quotes and feedback from successfully completed SVT Ltd NVQ candidates


  • Chris Seaton - DataStation Ltd 

    I selected the provider of my level 5 diploma in Occupational Health and Safety initially on price and SVT came in with a very competitive quote. Initially I was not the most motivated student to get the qualification started and I was having some difficulty applying the units to work that I was completing in my job role, so after a long conversation with Mandy I got my head around what I needed to do and how I could apply the aspects of my work experience to the relevant unit, I was rolling! I received all the support I needed and the motivation to complete the qualification… roll on CMIOSH!! 



  • Michael Brennan - QHSE Engineering & Maintenance Manager - Supreme Group

    Having just completed my Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety I would like to thanks Matt King and Mike Watson for their professionalism throughout the course. The course started with a detailed explanation of precisely what was required by Matt. On submission of each unit I received an acknowledgment of receipt by Matt within one or two working days, after guidance from Matt the unit was then forwarded to Mike Watson for verification. I received feedback on the unit from Mike within days. I achieved the Diploma in under 4 months thanks to the swift procedures Mike and Matt have in place. I would recommend SVT to anyone wishing to gain this qualification

  • Diane Malone - Level 7 Management Candidate

    I found the course very straightforward. The questions were pre-generated so it was easy to follow. I also found that there is loads of time to complete, although I completed early as I was feeling motivated at the time. There is a good choice of units that may be relevant to peoples own workplace. Support was there when needed. Completion was carried out in a timely manner. No waiting around for IV/EV input as it was done straight away on completion. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  • Jamie Fleming

    I have worked within the oil and gas industry for 14 years performing the role of Fire Officer. I began my career with SembCorp Asset Protection in the United Kingdom were the main focus of my position was on providing resilience through emergency response.

    After 10 years of working with SembCorp, I decided it was time for a change and moved to the United Arab Emirates with ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore oil operations); it was whilst working in the Emirates that I realized I would benefit from gaining a credible Health & Safety qualification. I looked at what was available on the internet at various forums, and the most professional company according to the consensus was SVT.

    I called SVT to see if I was eligible to apply for the NVQ 5 in Occupational Health & Safety and to assess if I could achieve the award. After a discussion with SVT staff, I realized I was already completing most of the tasks required to attain the award. The award took me just over a year to complete, it was quite difficult but I was aided by SVT’s Matt King and assessor Mike Watson, both of who clarified any issues I encountered and made the experience worthwhile, and two weeks after passing I have my certificates. I have since changed roles and now work in Iraq with Lukoil overseas, Health and Safety is a major part of my job description and the qualification I gained with SVT has aided me to obtain my new position.

  • John Paul

    I wish to testify that my experiences in dealing with the team at SVT was made most enjoyable and relaxing. The support that I received from every person I dealt with was way more than what could ever be expected.

    Their professional and speedy manner in which all my queries was handled was well appreciated. The speed in which my assignments were assessed and the feedback made the entire experience an absolute pleasure. I did find quite a bit of repetition in my course, but soon realized that it is a necessary part of each section and deals with all the different aspects of those particular assignments.

  • Steven Million

    Having previously used SVT as a personal training provider to support my self development in Occupational Health and Safety Practice, it really came easy to continue with their support in assisting me to further develop my professional development within this field. The support and guidance from SVT staff on a personal level was professional and friendly, with a very impressive response time to queries and submissions. A level of service which I have come to expect over the years, and one that I will no doubt make use of again in the near future and would not hesitate in recommending SVT to those individuals or organisations who are seeking professional learning & development support.

  • Scott Andrews MIIRSM, Dip RSA, ACQI - HSE and Facilities Manager, Teledyne Oil & Gas Europe

    This was a first for me; first time with SVT and first time doing an NVQ. SVT provided document packs and information that were concise and structured. The support and feedback provided was also informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Feedback allowed me target areas that needed additional consideration and enhancement with upcoming units and modules.

    Prior to committing to SVT as my course provider. I researched the OHS Level 5 NVQ and contacted several training providers including SVT. However, SVT demonstrated that they could, would and can provide both the correct and necessary support, service and confidence I wanted. I have enjoyed my personal journey of the NVQ Level 5 in order to validate my own experiences and further develop and enhance my skills and knowledge. I am also happy that I chose to share this journey with SVT.

    My personal work ethics are “if you are going to do it, do it properly” the SVT support team have allowed me to continue that ethic based upon their professionalism and structured support. Well done and thank you.

  • Mick Pearson - Starglaze Windows & Conservatories Glass Production Department

    I would like to thank the SVT Ltd Team for their professionalism, and proactive approach they displayed towards helping me achieve my NVQ 3, in Occupational Health & Safety.

    The best compliment I can pay SVT, is that I plan to return this year to take my NVQ 5!

  • Darin Bainbridge - Director of Doubt Management Ltd
    QHSE Manager Seagreen Wind Energy Limited

    This is the second course that I have completed with SVT. The support is good, the communication is good and their overall service is very professional and efficient. As a working professional, it is not always easy to take time out to continue your professional development. However, as a professional, it is vital to make the time and using SVT is exactly the help and guidance one needs to get the results. I would not hesitate in recommending them to colleagues and other professionals.

  • Kamal Kant Sharma - HSE Representative - Penspen International Limited

    With the help and support of the SVT team, I completed the NVQ level 5 Diploma in Occupational health and safety in 7months.The support and guidance from the SVT team made the course enjoyable throughout the period. I look forward to doing more courses with SVT and would recommend SVT to all those who want to advance in their career.

  • Charles Thankachan - Safety Officer - Penspen International Ltd

    I sincerely appreciate the SVT team for their help and support provided for completing the Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. I registered for NVQ Level 5 Diploma in the month of March 2013 and was able to complete by October 2013, with the prompt guidance and support from the course coordinator and course assessor. The comments from the assessor and the coordinator helped me to meet the standards and for the fast completing of the units. The guidelines and samples provided by the Institute helped me for completing the units without taking help from others. I will recommend courses provided by SVT to all those who wants to advance in their career.

  • Michael Bray - Grad IOSH Dip RSA - ACiOB AiEMA

    To gain my OCR NVQ Level 5 diploma in occupational health and safety practice I completed this with the SVT vocational training course, my experience with the SVT team was a good one , always very helpful, precise on what was required, good feedback from submitted units and relatively quick in replying to e-mails and questions, I would certainly go to SVT for any further training which could help me progress in my career.

  • Stella Bhebhe - Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care

    It was such a wonderful experience to have such a wonderful assessor like Joe Pope and her Assistant Neeta. I enjoyed the course so much that at one point I was delaying to hand in my last module as I didn’t not want to let go. The level of support and professionalism from Joe and Neeta was excellent. Each time I needed help I received it straight away. One time I thought I had made a mistake by choosing this diploma as I had no clue what was going on. Neeta organised a professional discussion with Joe and she put me on the right track and from then on none of my modules were returned back to me. Joe’s explanation was very easy to understand and right to the point. In my experience as a student, I have never experienced so much positive input from tutors. Thank you Joe and Neeta, I would not have made it without your support and keep up the good work!. I enjoyed the Diploma so much, wish I can do it again!

  • Matt Jackson

    Having spent the last 12-14 months studying my NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety with SVT I can quite happily say it has been a pleasure. The support and response I received from my NVQ Portfolio Coordinator Matt King was above and beyond my expectations, the feedback I received after submitting each unit was constructive and returned in a timely manner. I strongly recommend SVT as a training provider to anyone who is looking to further their career through vocational education. Again, thanks for the support over the past year or so.

  • Jonathan Hemmingway

    I found the whole experience of using SVT as a training provider to be excellent. I felt that there was always help and guidance if required from the SVT team from start to completion of the NVQ5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Kelly Callear

    I was encouraged to further my Health and Safety training to support our organisation by our Health and Safety advisor. John Berrisford recommended SVT for the level 5 as he had achieved his certification through them. With the support from John Berrisford and SVT I have now qualified at Level 5 allowing me to take Managing Health and Safety within our organisation to another level confidently.
    The structure and way in which SVT deliver this training is thorough and convenient when working in a busy environment, I have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Health and Safety.

  • Derek Robertson BEng(Hons) IEng MIET MIMechE MEI MIHEEM MInstRE ACIBSE Dip RSA Tech IOSH
    Authorising Engineer, Turner Facilities Management

    I registered for the NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health & Safety back in December 2010 but did not actually get around to starting it until mid-2011 and finished it December 2012.

    Although this might seem like a long time it fitted into my work and family commitments and it was very easy to pick it up again after a break from it.

    I would highly recommend the workshop that SVT offer as this was the 'kick start' I needed to actually start working through the Units.

    The support from all the staff at SVT I dealt with was first class and a great help when requiring some direction with the various units.

    I could not recommend this course enough to anyone working in a Health and Safety environment as you will be able to produce the majority of the evidence you require to complete this course form your day job. You will also gain a well-recognised Health and Safety qualification without having to sit in a classroom for a number of weeks.

    I would definitely use SVT again in the future and again a big thank you to all SVT staff for all their assistance.

  • Stan Rudowski,
    Regional Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, ATS Euromaster

    Two years ago I researched the possibility of attaining the qualification in a manner that suited not only my day job but also my personal life.

    I contacted a number of providers for details of what was on offer both price wise and content.

    SVT Ltd certainly ticked all the boxes; however I was in Edinburgh and they were in Grimsby and I thought that there may be issues if I needed help or support and a local provider may be more suitable.

    One phone call from SVT convinced me that they were the right provider and I signed up that day.

    The material came through I worked at my own pace, received excellent encouragement and guidance, any adjustments to my work was backed up with advice and constructive feedback.
    SVT kept me on track and motivated and although it seemed like a long road they helped to keep me focussed to complete each module

    I now have the qualification I wanted, I have gained promotion, so both sets of goals have been met and a big thank you goes to all the people at SVT Ltd who helped me attain my goals

    I would certainly use SVT again and would not hesitate to recommend them to other potential customers.

  • Philip Latimer CMIOSH - VVB Engineering Services Ltd

    I found registering to complete my NVQ5 Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety with SVT Ltd easy, communication between me and the assessor was good but answers to any queries was within hours not days.

    The course layout was easy to understand, challenging in that evidence to support your reflective accounts were rigorously checked and of course witnessed by your superiors.

    In all yes I'm so pleased I gave this course my full commitment and fully endorse this qualification to those who want to attain CMIOSH or even improve their professional status within the field of Health & Safety.


  • John Rothery CMIOSH

    SVT Ltd have outstanding training materials and supports functions, I will always advise collegues and my team to use this company when looking at training needs for our organisation. The professionalism and structure of SVT are key to any professionals looking to further their career.

  • Brian Lightowler - HSE Manager, LTC Project, Wilton Engineering Services

    After deciding to enhance my career as a safety professional I contacted SVT Ltd of Grimsby to enrol on a NVQ level 5 diploma course in occupational health and safety. I had previously done business with SVT and due to the first class response I received I decided once again to contact them. I found the staff to be very helpful not only when booking, but also while completing the course the level of support that I received was again first class.

    The content of the course was very well structured and easy to understand. I found my dedicated tutor to be excellent in her response to queries and giving feedback. I would recommend anyone wishing to enrol on the above course to contact SVT as I am sure they will receive the same excellent service that I received


  • Amy Collins - Avon Fire and Rescue

    I had an enjoyable learning experience with SVT Ltd from beginning to end. The registration process was informative in a comprehensive way and the emails were friendly.

    This made for a welcoming introduction to the course. Submitted units were marked quickly and the feedback was always helpful. My tutor was very approachable and knowledgeable. I found the website and its forums to be a great way to meet other students and get advice.

  • Luke Pitt - Health & Safety Advisor & Director - LARP Safety Limited

    My career since the NVQ has really gone from strength to strength as it has opened a lot of doors for me which were firmly shut until I had gained this type of qualification and in hindsight this is rightfully so.

    I have found that like most things, you also need to gain a reputation as well as having the qualifications, and that is one of the hardest things to obtain, yes you may have the NVQ, but then it's a matter of networking and selling yourself out there in a very harsh environment and believing that what you have and the work you put into obtaining it is enough to be credible within the industry.

    After about a year of gaining my NVQ 4 , I then looked to undertake the Charter process by applying to take the IOSH open book exam (which if you take the NVQ4 is the route you have to take). This is actually a lot harder than most people think as IOSH know you have access to the information and as such have an expectation that your answers should be better than if you were trying to remember all the details in an exam room. I took it and passed and then went forward then to my peer group interview. This was in August of this year and as you can see was successful. I was awarded Chartered status on the 11th August 2011 and I am immensely proud of getting as far as I have and grateful for your companies assistance in guiding me through that very important first stage.

    It is really important to know that whichever way you start in H&S, the end result of being Chartered is the best way of showing either your company or client base that you are at the very top of your professional tree.

  • Eddie Walters

    Pretty standard as far as the IOSH process is concerned. I achieved the NVQ 4 with SVT as I was in the transition from Grad IOSH. I managed to apply for the chartered interview with only days to spare, but made it thanks to your prompt turn around and feedback. I was confident enough to send the application through after having received verbal feedback from your team.

    After achieving Chartered certification I was asked for some general discussions with IOSH about several other areas of interest through my work. This eventually led to a chat about being a member of the IOSH Chartered Interval panel.

    I have sat on several panels since 2010 and hope to progress to chairman of the panel in the near future.

  • Steve Smith

    After gaining my NVQ I was able to upgrade to Grad IOSH this I obtained within a short time.

    The upgrade to CMIOSH itself took approximately 2 years to achieve, I first had to pass an open assessment which consisted of a number of questions covering a wide range of subjects. the answers being limited in words and a time limit of 10 days.

    This I passed at first attempt. I then had to attend a peer interview which consisted of a short presentation by me, about me and my career so far and what I hope to do in the future, followed by a question and answer session.

    The peer review I passed on the second attempt and it was put forward for ratification by the IOSH board in October of this year.I received confirmation of this a short time later.

    The benefits are that it has raised my professional profile and that of the organisation I work for, and validates the work ethic, including that of IOSH. It has raised my personal and profession profile with my colleagues who trust in my ability and seek out knowledge and guidance.

    As for the future I hope it will take me on to a more responsible position within the profession I am dedicated to.

  • Andrew Clark - Health & Safety Advisor, Pocklington School

    I started the course what seems like a very long time ago in fact it has been almost two years since I took my first tentative steps towards completing the NVQ. I had promised myself that after attending the NVQ workshop held in Grimsby that I would have it all completed within 9 months. Work commitments and family life overtook me however and so I ended up using almost the entire allocated amount of time for completion.

    I would strongly recommend that anyone considering the NVQ route uses the opportunity of the workshop, as in my case never having carried out an NVQ prior to this; I found it to be extremely useful in letting me know what was expected to complete the modules..

    During the whole process I received positive feedback on all the evidence submitted and the occasional pointer as to where the work could be improved upon. From a personal point of view this worked extremely well and I would thoroughly recommend the NVQ path to anyone wishing to gain a Diploma level health & safety qualification. A big thank you to all the team at SVT, who helped me along the way.

  • John O’Rourke - QHSE Manager, Arthur McKay & Co. Ltd

    Two years ago I researched the possibility of attaining the qualification in a manner that suited not only my day job but also my personal life.

    I contacted a number of providers for details of what was on offer both price wise and content.

    SVT Ltd certainly ticked all the boxes; however I was in Edinburgh and you where in Grimsby and I thought that there may be issues if I needed help or support and a local provider may be more suitable.

    One phone call from SVT convinced me that you were the right provider and I signed up that day.

    The material came through I worked at my own pace, received excellent encouragement and guidance, any adjustments to my work was backed up with advice and constructive feedback.
    You kept me on track and motivated and although it seemed like a long road you helped to keep me focussed to complete each module

    I now have the qualification I wanted, I have gained promotion, so both sets of goals have been met and a big thank you goes to all the people at SVT who helped me attain my goals

    I would certainly use SVT again and would not hesitate to recommend you to other potential customers.

  • Andrew Clarke - Safety Trainer for Training at Naver

    I started a level 4 NVQ in Occupational Safety and Health with SVT Ltd in order to give myself better credibility as a trainer. When embarking on a career in any Health and Safety orientated post, qualifications are a necessity.

    During my time working on the level 4 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety, I found the people at SVT to be very helpful. As time went by, my job changed with my partner leaving for another job and leaving me with a heavy workload, but due to the inherent flexibility of an NVQ I was able to put it on hold until it suited me to start work on it again. Whenever I had any queries or uncertainties about the evidence required, I just phoned up and had a chat with the SVT team and clarified the situation. I am now the proud owner of a level 4 NVQ and I know I wouldn't have managed without the support of the SVT team.

  • Gary Piper - Health and Safety Technician for the Wrigley Company UK

    I would like to convey my gratitude to you and your team on the completion of my NVQ 5. The quality of service I received from yourself and Matt King was exceptional and contributed greatly in easing my journey through this process.

    I want to further thank you for your professionalism and technical ability to guide me through the NVQ 5 qualification. Your knowledge of all things appertaining to Health and Safety was invaluable to me. You gave your advice freely and you were very patient with me when I struggled to understand a concept.

    I found all of the team based in Grimsby approachable and helpful. I never felt alone on this journey because the SVT Customer Service and Support were excellent.

    I would like to end this Testimonial by saying that I would unreservedly recommend SVT as an NVQ 5 Course Provider for Health and Safety and would be please to share my experiences with any potential client should you like me to do so.

  • Mr Robert Farrow Grad IOSH Dip RSA,
    Site Manager, Cheltenham Bournside School

    I have completed two online courses with SVT the NVQ level 4&5 in optional health and safety, I am also in the process of going through the Nebosh fire and safety management qualification with SVT. I have found the on-line courses very easy to access and the level of supporting material I received of a high quality and easily understood.

    I also found their support both over the phone and e-mail very good, they are always willing to talk through any problems I may have come across even if it's just to clarify I was on the right track before I spent time writing a lengthy report.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Shields vocational training to my colleges and will continue to do further courses with them.

  • Darell Dip.RSA- Grad-IOSH / H&S Officer

    NVQ Level 4 Occupational Safety & Health E-learning I would like to thank all the SVT team for their support & guidance in completing the OCR NVQ Level 4 in Occupational Health & Safety Practice My special thanks to Sarah Reilly for her professional support & constructive feedback.

    From start to finish SVT Ltd has provided an excellent service as an established Health & Safety training provider. I will continue to promote them as I continue in my H&S career.

  • Linda

    I have just completed the NVQ4 in Occupational Health & Safety Practice with SVT Ltd. I was apprehensive at the beginning and delayed starting for 3 months. When I submitted my first unit the response from Matt King was almost immediate. He thanked me for my evidence and informed me of my assessor. My assessor welcomed me and encouraged me to submit a high quality of evidence. After successfully completing 6 units, we moved house and my Mother passed away, this stopped me working on my NVQ for 8 months, but with encouragement from my husband and the SVT team I resumed my studies.

    I found the units very varied, albeit if you work through them in order they do follow a logical pattern and allow for cross referencing. As expected some of the units are more challenging than others, but this makes you research those areas and expand your knowledge. I have learnt a lot and become more confident in my role as a Health and Safety Advisor. I would recommend SVT to anyone wishing to develop their career in health and safety.

  • Martin Olbrycht

    Great support throughout the process of achieving my NVQ 5. Always willing to go an extra mile to help and steer in the right direction. I will be doing some more training with SVT as I see them as a very reliable service provider.

  • Terry Game

    From my first telephone contact with SVT Ltd to the completion of my NVQ, the friendly and helpful response has been a breath of fresh air.

    I attended the workshop day very early into starting my NVQ, and the advice given has been the corner stone to all my completed work. All contact with my assessor as been to the point and continually kept me in the right direction. So completing my NVQ was not difficult but not easy, just well balanced and matched the health and safety work I am involved with on a daily basis.

    Many thanks to all the SVT team and I would happily continue to promote their services.

  • Paul Baumber

    I started the NVQ Level 5 Diploma In 'Occupational Safety and Health Practice' around Feb 2011 and have just completed the 10 units this month, Feb 2012, so the course has taken me exactly one year to complete. I had previously undertaken 2 x NVQ Level 4's in 'Learning and Development' and 'Co-ordination of Learning and Development Provision', so had some previous experience of the NVQ systems of assessment.

    However, the previous NVQs that I had completed were paper-based portfolios rather than electronically based (stored) as 'SVT' utilised for the NVQ Level 5 Diploma. At first I found this a little strange but soon realised it was a much better system and the need for paper was unnecessary and, indeed, environmentally unfriendly.

    I did find the units a little difficult to understand regarding the format in the very beginning but after I got through the first unit with the excellent assistance of Phil Campbell, Matt King and their colleagues at SVT, it slowly became second nature to me. By the time that I had got into more of the units I was sold that the format that SVT was using was a very good system for NVQ assessment.

    In truth I think that the NVQ itself was much more demanding than I had expected. I had previously just completed a BA Degree and I think the level of work and study that was needed for the NVQ Level 5 Diploma was on a par with the Degree. Anyone who thinks that this NVQ is an easy route to getting a Degree level qualification is greatly mistaken. Although the work and effort is of a different nature to the Degree, it still can get stressful. Having said that there is also the same feeling of elation when I completed a unit successfully which matched the feeling of completing an essay successfully on my Degree.

    At all times through the course I found the team at SVT Ltd to be very helpful and I would like to thank them for that. I would also like to give a special mention to Phil Campbell who is very knowledgeable and was always willing to assist, and his affable and friendly personality made him very approachable. I am looking to do other courses with SVT in the future, including NVQ courses, and so would definitely recommend and use SVT again.

  • Hannah Wilson

    I found the course was very well laid out and I was supplied with lots of information about the structure of the diploma and requirements for each module. To begin with I found it exceedingly daunting and though I enrolled in January 2011, I only had the confidence to start working on my modules in the beginning of May 2011. For me this was due to a Skype session with Phil and though we only spoke for an hour, it cleared up any confusion I had and things just clicked for me from that point. I would recommend a Skype session or something similar within a month of a candidate enrolling as it is a daunting aspect and is a good opportunity to clear up any issues.

    From that point onwards I worked towards a module, then discussed the next one I planned to do with Phil or he would recommend one if I unsure of which one to tackle next. Occasionally I was unsure of how much evidence is required and this becomes easier once a few modules have been submitted as you know what standard is expected. I worked on the diploma on the same level as I did for a post graduate MSc.

    I really appreciated having Phil to either phone or email, if I was unsure over anything and he was excellent at reassuring me and keeping my humour!

    I would certainly use SVT Ltd again for a course as it has been a straight forward process from researching a course; enrolling and good support from the course information and by having a tutor. I have recommended SVT for distance learning courses to friends and colleagues.

  • Brian Kerr - Production & Systems Day Engineer.

    After completing my NEBOSH certificate I sought guidance from our Company's Regional SHE Business Partner on what should be the next course that I undertook either the NEBOSH Diploma or the NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. The guidance was to complete the NVQ level 5 at SVT.

    I enrolled for the course on the 26th August 2011 and on the 27th February 2012 my pass certificate was issued. The course completed from start to finish in six months.

    At the start an Assessor was assigned and each time evidence submitted guidance or sign off was received within the promised five days. The course encouraged the introduction of new procedures and tools into the workplace which will continue to be used now that the course has been completed. The guidance issued by the Assessor was always constructive and clear identifying the requirements for the units.

    Email support was available during my course and this ensured that any queries guidance were always readily available.

    I would recommend this course as it allows the individual to use their daily work as evidence towards the qualification.

    If you are doing your daily work to a high standard then you should claim the qualification to reflect this fact. This course allows you to do that.

  • Jonathan Young – Regional Health and Safety Advisor

    I was looking to complete a further qualification within Health and Safety and with not being the best with exams an NVQ seemed the perfect route. It meant I could complete my studies alongside working, I visited a number of provider's websites but SVT Ltd stood out the most.

    On initial contact and after a brief discussion I felt due to the position I was in that some aspects may have been difficult to complete, however further discussions with the team at SVT helped to quash any fears.

    I would like to convey my thanks to you and your team on the completion of my NVQ 5. The quality of service received was fantastic along with the support provided.

    I would like to say that I would have no problem or issues in recommending SVT Ltd as an NVQ 5 Course Provider for Health and Safety.

  • Michael Morrisroe

    I found the professionalism and understanding of SVT whilst completing my NVQ 4 to be second to none.

    Whilst a lot of distance learning can be fraught with difficulty through misunderstanding of the required standards and tight deadlines, I found SVT and especially my assessor/mentor to helpful and constructive.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to SVT Ltd.

  • Andrew Tetlow - Cape Health and Safety site co-ordinator.

    I would like to give my gratitude to Sarah and Matt on the completion of my NVQ5. Their support and guidance made the whole experience very, very painless. Feedback was given in a very prompt manner and helped me keep in the flow of steady progress.

    I am based at a nuclear power station and found that all the units were very relevant to my day to day work here. There were some units where I would have toiled to complete without the dedication of the SVT team.

    Again, many thanks and I have and would recommend SVT to my colleagues and peers.

  • Andrew Price - Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd

    Throughout my H&S NVQ Level 4 journey, I found SVT to be extremely professional and efficient. Their course material explained in a clear manner exactly what was required, and where I failed to interpret this in an acceptable manner, Phil Campell (my assessor) was patient and steered me in the right direction.

    This is the third level 4 NVQ I have now completed; when comparing the experience I found the SVT format and approach by far the simplest. I do know from talking to others who have completed or are still trying to complete their NVQ with other training organisations, that there is too much personal agenda requests for added evidence from many assessors. SVT and Phil kept their requirements straight forward and only asked for material which met the Evidence Criteria requirements, with no personal agenda encountered, please accept a BIG thanks for this.

    I have already recommended 4 persons (two of my own staff, my brother and a friend) to SVT and will continue to do so. Well Done, Phil, many thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Paul Lloyd

    Starting on the long and sometimes painful road of qualifications can be a scary thought, however from day one with SVT I felt comfortable. From the start the helpfulness of the admin team was excellent, it was a simple process and within days I was able to start getting evidence for my portfolio.

    As with most people I suffered several stumbling blocks and in the early stages felt I had to solve these myself, which was time consuming and demoralising.

    Once I realised that the easiest form of support was your very own assessor, it all became a lot easier. I never once had to wait more than a couple of hours to have a phone call returned. Most of the time I had the answer in my head but Phil just helped to extract it !.

    I would definitely use SVT again for any further qualifications and have also recommended them to colleagues.

  • Sarah Wild

    I have recently completed my OCR NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice with SVT Ltd and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them as a top class training provider.

    As a full time working single parent finding the time to study was always going to be difficult for me but the easy to use course guide and documents, coupled with an excellent support system at the end of a phone was the perfect arrangement for me to do all the work I needed to.

    My assessor was a brilliant source of inspiration for me and I was able to finish the course in 18 months, which I was pleased with. Having learned plenty and thoroughly enjoying my studies I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with SVT and I would definitely use them again.

    Thanks to all at SVT !

  • Angie Smith

    Thank you to SVT for making the NVQ process understandable and easier to undertake. I left it quite late to start submitting work, but received lots of support from my assesor who always got back to me promptly with constructive and helpful feedback. The whole process of submission meant I could submit work anytime, day or night, which I found incredibly useful.

    I would definately consider SVT for any future training I choose to undertake.

  • Iain Ogilvie – Training Manager, Hydro Training

    I would like to say a big thanks to all the team at SVT Ltd in helping me achieve the OCR NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety. It’s only taken me just over a year and throughout this time the support and advice from SVT has been excellent. The team were only one click away and could always point me in the right direction with my qualification. I would have no hesitation in recommending SVT to anyone or taking up another course with them in the future.

  • Mr. Amandip Sandhu, Wyman Gordon Limited

    I successfully completed the OCR Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety with SVT and would highly recommend this course.

    The practical concepts and tools taught in the course are easy to remember and apply. The course and the delivery is suitably designed to assist students in developing a better understanding of their health and safety responsibilities, as well as giving the skills and knowledge needed to manage health and safety on site, in compliance with legislation.

    The knowledge, information, and enthusiasm I shared with my colleagues really had an impact on our management, employees and the health and safety working environment. There are improvements with documents, policies and procedures as well as improvements in risk assessments, inspections, audits and incident reductions.

  • Emmanuel Nwosu

    I want to use this opportunity to thank SVT for enabling me to enjoy and achieve this award. I especially want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Matt for his willingness to help out wherever there is a need. This is greatly appreciated. I also want to thank Mike Watson for all his feedback which kept me on the right track throughout the eight months of this enjoyable course. I will always recommend SVT in the future.

  • Frank Clark TechIOSH

    I have recently completed my OCR NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice with SVT and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them as a top class training provider.

    The course allows you plenty of time so it allows you to fit in all your work and family commitments.

    At the start an Assessor was assigned and each time evidence was submitted guidance or sign off was received within a few days.

    While completing the various units I found the assessors were always available to give me advice and guidance when required, this enabled me to complete the units in good time.

    Overall I would recommend SVT to anyone wishing to gain a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, or any of the other courses they run.

    Again I would like to thank all those at SVT for their assistance over the last 2 years.

  • Graham Warner

    I have now completed my NVQ s Level 3 and 5 with SVT and found them very helpful from sorting out a payment plan to getting back to me promptly on questions I needed help with. I would not hesitate to recommend SVT to anyone wanting to further their career and if, in the future if I am wanting to do anymore courses they would be my first port of call

  • Matthew J Beckett DipRSAA TechIOSH

    Having spent some years as a Safety rep I decided to change my career path, and take on a full time Safety role. After gaining the NEBOSH General Cert, (obtained via intensive classroom lead training) I landed a full time EHS Advisors role, and found myself wanting to develop my breadth of experience as well as simultaneously continue to gain recognised qualifications so opted to take the NVQ5 DipRSAA pathway.

    Through navigating the course content and meeting the requirements of each module I have managed to add value and strategic advantage to the organisation, gain professsionally recognised qualifications all whilst developing my career, the distance learning and 100% coursework aspect was brilliant and allowed for great flexibility in submissions so much that I was able to manage changing nappies and completing assignments after the arrival of my son.

    I found the SVT team to be very friendly and submissions were reviewed in a short space of time with meaningful feedback that enabled me to learn and adapt for subsequent assignments. I would definitely consider using Shields again and wouldn�t hesitate in recommending them to colleagues in the future.

  • Paul Kelly MC, FdA, Grad-IOSH

    I recently completed the Occupational Health and Safety Practice Diploma with SVT Ltd.

    The course was easy to understand and follow and was fully supported by the SVT team via email or phone. The team was quick to respond to questions or offer advice when needed. Submitted assignments were returned quickly with feedback and/or suggestions for improvement

    I would definately use SVT again.

  • Nigel Johnson - SHEQ Business Partner

    After an extremely slow start on my part, my Assessor gave me encouragement and was always available for guidance and to bounce ideas off to ensure that I understood the evidence criteria correctly. I have to say that I am really happy with my experience with SVT and would recommend their services to others...

  • Peter Kozlowski (Operations Manager, Total Food Service)

    I found SVT to be extremely professional all along the road to my successful completion of my Level 3 certificate in Occupational Health & Safety, In particular Matt and Mandy who were very supportive of me all the way.

    I would not hesitate to recommend SVT as a training provider, and I would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

  • Adrian Grey - Dip RSA, Grad IOSH, MIIRSMRSP, RMaPs

    This is my second qualification with SVT the first was in 2007 and may I say that the second qualification was as smooth as the first qualification achievement, the support that I received on both qualifications was second to none and the advice that I received from them was very professional and proactive.

    To all those out there that are thinking about using SVT to achieve further qualifications, you should not have second thoughts, as SVT are very professional in their approach, and the documentation they send you is easy to understand, along with the support you will receive from them is second to none.

    I found the communication between myself and SVT was very prompt and very helpful, jargon free and constructive they make you feel that you are there first priority, and you are there only client they have and I found that made the process very smooth.

    The NVQ assessors are very friendly but yet very professional, their requests for evidence is very to the point and they don�t ask for more than what they need and they are very help full in the cross referencing of evidence, if you are like me and you are very busy in you professional life and you think you will not have the time to complete the qualification SVT will assist you as much as they can.

    I found when I achieved the qualifications that SVT kept me informed each step of the way and they forwarded my certificate to me as soon as they had received it from the awarding body.

    In submission I would not hesitate in using SVT for additional qualifications in the future.


Garry Scrivens

I have just finished course with SVT and gained my diploma, it was a fantastic course and with the feedback from Mandy and Matt it was very encouraging and they keep you on track, Mandy is very easy to talk to and fantastic at explaining what you need to do in each unit. I have recommended the course to a number of businesses in Leicester and said to SVT because of the quality of service and the feedback is number one. I have a number of qualifications and I think that SVT is the best company I have used and would use them again. So thank you again for all of your help and encouragement on the course you a number one company

Daniel Ward

Undertaking the City and Guilds Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice was a challenge, more so to allocate the time needed to complete each module but it was completely worth it. This qualification has allowed me to learn, develop and practice the skills required for progression in the health and safety sector but also it has helped me to understand my own potential and ability.
SVT certainly ticked all the required boxes, I have learnt a lot and become more confident in my role as health and safety manager as a result of this training. I would recommend SVT Ltd to anyone wishing to develop their career in the health and safety field.
Thank You SVT.

Tom Escobar 

'I studied an NVQ L5 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice with SVT. I found the structure of my learning to be progressive and intuitive. SVT have developed a logical and coherent unit format, comprehensive and informative guidance notes and an easy to use method for submitting evidence. I have received lots of communication from my portfolio coordinator, Matt, and found his guidance and support to be friendly and detailed. I found the process of assessment to be clear and simple.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with SVT and would recommend their services to anyone wishing to study in the field of Health and Safety. Completing this course has provided me with career, and a profession I can be proud of.'


Leona Reeve

I have just finished my level 3 diploma in health and social care, and would like to thank Jo Towse for all her encouragement and help.
I can honestly say without her I wouldn't have had the courage to do it. It's my first taste of any kind of qualification since leaving school a long time ago ! And she took away the fear and made me Believe in myself again.
Thank you so much Jo your a star.

Miles Webb 

I have enclosed the Diploma course questionnaire.
I feel it is appropriate to thank you most sincerely for all of your efforts during the period of my NVQ Level 5 Diploma course in Occupational Health and Safety.
Invariably, people will opt for the NVQ course, as like myself, we are in extremely busy roles that often do not afford weeks off for concentrated courses. It is this reason that I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your diligence and patience during my studies.
Your approach is perfect in that you provided an excellent sounding board, respond immediately to concerns and at the same time are extremely efficient in your accuracy and attention to detail. This means we are not duplicating or repeating work and the direction is clear whilst challenging.
Thank you Matt for an excellent course - you are clearly a credit to SVLT and hopefully in the near future, I look forward to taking the next step with you all.
With best regards

Stephen Cook

Being very busy juggling a multitude of responsibilities (not just Health & Safety) I was recommended the OCR Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. The course allowed me to adapt study around my day and I was able to use it to test our existing practices against best practice. The course material was easy to access and of a high standard; it was easy to understand and work against. As a result of undertaking the course I have improved my knowledge of health safety in the workplace and have been able to make a number of improvements to our business.
Stephen MSc, Chartered FCIPD
HR Manager


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